Out-of-Band Authentication
For Department of Defense (DOD) Contractors and U.S. Government Agencies

As a Federal Contractor, Could Your Business Survive a Data Breach?

Is Your Business Safe From Hackers Because It Uses Two-Factor (2FA) or Multi-Factor (MFA) Authentication? Unfortunately, the answer to both is likely…NO!

The industry standard Two-Factor (2FA) and Multi-Factor (MFA) Authentication has proven to be ineffective against stopping cyber criminals and hackers…100% of the time. In fact, 96% of all Authentication vendors offer their business clients this very same inadequate “In-Band” Authentication solution.

Stolen, weak or default passwords were exploited in over 80% of hacking-related data breaches.

Passwords, Two-Factor (2FA) and Multi-Factor (MFA) Authentication solutions are not enough to meet today’s evolving security threats and regulatory requirements, while providing the greater ease-of-use demanded by users.

What is needed is stronger, smarter authentication.

True “Out-of-Band” Authentication vs. the industry standard "In-Band" Authentication

True “Out-of-Band” Authentication is a more secure method of authentication. There are a few vendors that claim to offer “Out-of-Band”, but when you dissect what they have it’s really just “In-Band”.

Besides, we offer the ONLY patent-protected “Out-of-Band” Authentication solution!


True Multi-Factor (MFA) Out-of-Band Authentication (OOBA) is simply, the most cost-effective way to prevent unauthorized remote access.

Keeps your company’s sensitive data secure.

Our security solutions meet or exceed the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) minimum security standards.

We facilitate and support the standards and best practices recognized and adopted within the NIST Cyber Security Framework 800-171.

Flexible Business Model

Choose different methods of authentication, for different user populations based on:

  • Risk level,
  • Cost and
  • Deployment strategies.

We offer multiple deployment options:

  • 100% “On-Premise”:
    The Worlds ONLY (OOBA) that can can be deployed completely (100%) on-site.
  • 100% “Cloud”:
    We support our SSAE-16 hosted environment,  secured by SSL and access credentials, as well as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure Cloud-services.
  • Hybrid: “On-Premise” + “Cloud”:
    The ONLY provider in the World that offers a hybrid deployment model.
Secure Access

Secure access to the following resources:

  • VPN- IPSec or SSL VPNs
  • Citrix Networks
  • Web Applications- On-Site or Cloud OWA, Sharepoint, Office 365 and more
  • Windows Desktop Login
  • Transactions via Out-of-Band Verification
Easy to Provision

Explore multiple provisioning methods including

  • Self-Service Portal
  • Active Directory Synchronization
  • Web Manager
  • HTTP Provisioning Interface
  • Mobile “One Touch” Provisioning
Various Authentication Methods
  • Out-of-Band Phone- #, PIN, OTP and/or Voice
  • OTP delivered on-screen, to a phone via MS, Voice, Email and/or Push
  • Out-of-Band “Push”- Accept/Deny, PIN and/or Fingerprint
  • Hard Tokens- Key Fob, USB Key and/or Wallet Cards
  • Mobile Tokens- iOS, Android and/or Blackberry
  • Desktop Tokens- Windows, OS X & Mac OS and/or Linux
  • Support for FIDO standards
  • Supports Biometrics- Fingerprint, Facial, Voice, Iris.

Contact Us for Special Pricing

  • Consider all users that you need to authenticate before they can access your network and servers remotely